Featured Speakers:

Edwin Bundy
Program Manager
TSWG IDD Subgroup and EOD/LIC Program
Dick Larry
Adaptive C-IED/EOD Solutions (ACES) Division
Stanislav Rolc
Head Of Material Engineering Branch
VOP-026/VTUO Czech Ministry of Defence
SGT Todd Davidson
Armor Training School

Preparing Domestic and International Forces to Defeat IED Threats and Neutralize Insurgent Networks

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are makeshift weapons that range from small pipe bombs filled with military grade C4 explosives to hundred pound fertilizer road mines. Counter IEDs have been the thorn on the military’s side for years. Regardless of the amount of solutions created, money invested, or targets neutralized; IEDs simply continue to be the leading cause of casualties in the Middle East.

IDGA’s 9th Counter-IED Training Forum will provide a unique and intimate opportunity to focus on the pertinent aspects of this tremendous issue.  This event will bring together the most influential and knowledgeable counter-IED experts, in order to discuss the future measures and strategies for protecting troops and civilians at home and around the world.

The complexity and the scale of countering IED’s encompasses many different strategies, technologies and methods of training.  Being able to defeat the device while simultaneously attacking the network is absolutely essential in the prevention of IED related casualties and attacks.

With the 9th Annual Counter-IED Training Forum, we look to take a deeper focus and expose the serious issues concerning the future of counter IED organizations and the preservation of the tactics and strategies gained through a decade of war.  Exploring the latest in technology and innovation will help to drive discussions about the future of counter-IED security  and the next generation of CIED training discipline.

2014 Topics Will Cover Current Counter-IED Training Techniques and Doctrine:

  • C-IED Robotics Training and Development
  • Water Pressure Disposal Devices
  • DHS Counter IED advancements
  • Signal Jamming Equipment
  • IED Vehicle Protection
  • Domestic and International IED threats
  • Decontamination devices and cleanup coordination
  • Countering new and developing IED techniques including multi-release devices
  • Rapid acquisition and fielding
  • Operations-intelligence-information fusion and analysis
  • Weapons technical intelligence

International CIED Partnership Discussions

  • Hear from 4 international presenters from Israel, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Belgium
  • Engage in open discussions about the future of CIED partnerships abroad
  • Network and experience first hand how the rest of the world is combating IEDs
IDGA’s Counter IED Summit returns for its ninth year in 2014. In the past 4 years alone, it has brought together over 2,000 individuals from leading organizations such as:

  • 20th Support Command (CBRNE)
  • Adaptive C-IED/EOD Solutions (ACES) Division
  • Asia Pacific C-IED Fusion Center & Irregular Warfare Analysis Center
  • Atterbury-Muscatatuck Center for Complex Operations
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force Command
  • C-IED Information Center (DEU)
  • Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office
  • Counter Insurgency Targeting Program (CITP) National Ground Intelligence Center (CITP)
  • Counterinsurgency Center
  • Defence Command Denmark
  • Directorate for Counter Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FORSCOM Ammunition, Explosives, Ranges
  • Intelligence Information Warfare Directorate
  • National Counterterrorism / Counterinsurgency Integrated Test & Evaluation Center
  • NATO
  • Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • RDECOM/HQ US Army South
  • Swedish Armed Forces
  • TSWG IDD Subgroup and EOD/LIC Program
  • U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
  • U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

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